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Shoot Yourself

10 March
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Its a crime I never told you about the diamonds in your eyes.
45 grave, afi, alkaline trio, at the gates, austin, avenged sevenfold, b-movies, banane metalik, bars, bartenders, beetoven, big heels, billy idol, bitting, black and white pictures, black cat music, black heart procession, bowling, boys, bubble baths, bud lite, buffets, chris issak, cigarettes, classical piano, coalesce, converge, criminology, crossbones, crybaby, cuddling, danny elfman, darts, david allen coe, david bowie, death on wednesday, demented are go, digital underground, dillinger escape plan, dive bars, dr. pepper, dracula, drinking, dusk, eyes, forensics, futher seems forever, garlic, gary oldman, ghosts, glassjaw, guns, guns and roses, halloween, haunted houses, hauntings, honesty, hot water music, immortal beloved, joan jett, john waters, johnny cash, joy division, karaoke, keyboards, killswitch, knives, le tigre, lips, london suede, madonna, makeup, marquis de sade, meet the feebles, method man, model american, moonlight, motley crue, mozart, multiple maniacs, nekromantix, nerve agents, new york dolls, office supplies, opera, pabst blue ribbon, passion, piano, piercings, pirates, poison, poltergiest, psychobilly, pythons, rain, refused, religion, rocky horror picture show, romper stomper, rosemary's baby, sarcasm, scary movies, screams, sex, shoes, sick of it all, silence, slick rick, social distortion, stand by me, stanley k., stretched ears, switchblades, tattoos, the black halos, the bronx, the cramps, the faint, the hellbiillys, the international noise conspiracy, the labryinth, the locust, the makeup, the neverending story, the omen, the pixies, the queers, the reflecting skin, the smiths, the velveteen, tiger army, tim burton, tim curry, tombstone, tsunami bomb, twin peaks, val kilmer, weapons, writing, zao